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You can request Movies here, just comment to this page.

We try our best to upload every request our users make. Sadly we can not give a 100% guarantee that we will upload your movie in a given time frame, but we will try our best!

One request in one comment, and make sure you put link info about movies that you requested ?


  • Search before placing a request, use search box or see in List All Movies
  • Leave your comment with movie title, year and IMDb link (you can get IMDB Link here).
  • Only one movie per comment.
  • Use 1 Nickname For Movie Request
  • NOTE: Note the date, month and year of release of the movies, whether the movies is still coming soon or just release. If it’s still coming soon and just released, it’s unlikely we’ll find the source of its torrent movie. So do not ask for a newly released movie and still coming soon.

    To help us, please provide as much information about the movie you want to be uploaded. It will help if you can give IMDb links, and 1080p/720p sources which we can encode from

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)


    1. Order66 says:

      Langit Mo Kaligayahan Ko (2004) Uncut Version

    2. Ehvan Nhicolas says:

      Eve and the Fire Horse (2005)

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